Building Restoration and Preservation


Safe job sites are all about protecting our people. We believe it is our moral responsibility to make sure every single worker in the field and in the office goes home safely every day, our friends and families count on this. Our initiatives reach well-beyond wearing safety glasses and hard hats. We make prevention and awareness a priority and it has become second nature.

Not only is safety good for our people, it's also good for business. Safe job sites produce projects that stay on schedule and on budget by avoiding costly delays due to unsafe practices. Safety is an essential business principle, and it is as important to a project’s success as are our restoration processes.

Our company has invested resources, time, and money to ensure that every job site is safe for our employees, subcontractors and suppliers. This investment has paid off for our people and ultimately, our clients. PPCS maintains one of the lowest injury rates in the country – year after year. We have never experienced a loss of life or serious injury.
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