We are an experienced and licensed contracting company that offers top notch building restoration and preservation services. We know how important it is for your building or property to look perfect on the outside. It is our priority to be experts in all the latest methods and utilize only state-of-the-art technology to provide superior building preservation services.

Historic Restoration

Historic buildings are a crucial element in our perception of culture and identity through time which makes them important to maintain. These valuable resources require restoration and protection from future damage to ensure they look as good as they originally did. At PPC&S, the historic restoration contractor we assign to your case is experienced and passionate about the historic building restoration and cleaning process.

When you choose PPC&S for your historic building restoration, you will know you are receiving efficient and high quality service from our historic restoration contractors. Our trained professionals take their time to ensure you are aware of every step in the process. Our property consulting services involve thorough planning for your project. This includes everything from a written narrative to what needs to be done and what tools we need, a photo journal, project specifications, productions schedules, safety plan, and a detailed analysis of the cost. Once your historic restoration contractor determines what services your building needs, they will then begin the restoration process.