We are an experienced and licensed contracting company that offers top notch building restoration and preservation services. We know how important it is for your building or property to look perfect on the outside. It is our priority to be experts in all the latest methods and utilize only state-of-the-art technology to provide superior building preservation services.

Glass Restoration & Cleaning

We have been a leading force in the development of window/glass cleaning and building restoration and cleaning techniques for over 20 years. Unlike newer building restoration and cleaning companies, we have several proven techniques using special chemical mixes and multiple mechanical systems that restore/repair virtually all types of damage. As a comprehensive building restoration and cleaning company, we also offer building waterproofing services and high quality commercial window washing service.

We can successfully remove the following:

  • Scratches
  • Acid etched graffiti
  • Hard water/mineral stains
  • And most other damage

All mechanical glass scratch repair systems will remove a very small layer of glass during the grinding and polishing process.

The amount of glass removed is measured in microns and will not degrade the clarity of the glass if the process is done correctly. This is very important to think about when selecting a glass cleaning or repairing company; anyone can obtain most of the needed equipment and claim to be in the glass restoration business. They may be able to remove a scratch, but at the same time, they usually end up damaging and distorting the glass so it looks worse than the scratch alone and has to be repaired again or replaced.

If you need a reputable and efficient glass cleaning company, trust in PPC&S. Our experienced staff strives to maintain the clarity of your glass windows and renew the beautiful look of your building.